Monday, November 12, 2012

Beads of courage ~charm swap the Great reveal!!!

I participated in a lovely charm swap for  Beads of Courage Which is a organization that collects beads and uses them to help uplift children in hospitals , they also sell beads on there website and the money goes to helping the organization.

Well we all did Art charms to swap and the them was laughter .   we had to make 11 Charms and send them to the host of the swap , and we got 11 charms back including one of our own , I had SOOO much fun ( it also inspired me to get the book Making Mixed~medis Art Charms & Jewelry by peggy Krzyzewski & Christine Hansen , that book has sooo many AWESOME idears for charms I really recommend any jewelry maker, or artist to grab the book to check it out !)

Any way , I thought and thought about it , I wanted to make A charm that was not to complicated , Knowing i had to make 11 of them , something that would be sturdy , and that would in some way communicate laughter and something about children , wile the charm was not being given to children , I thought that because it was a organization for children that it might be a nice idea to include them ..


Well this is what i came up with , ...

                                   Drum roll Please !!!!!!!


All kinda of cupcakes , different colors of frosting , and I like to believe it's a carmley cake .



Pink ones,

Yellow ones,

Pink and Purple swirl ones!


 I thought about what to make for quite awhile , and it hit me when a friend invites us to her daughters birthday party and my 6 year old asked "WILL THEY HAVE CUPCAKE!" wile giving me a huge smile , and that hit me hard , Kids love cupcakes , I LOVE cupcake , what person doesn't love cupcake, there are shows about cupcakes! cupcake fabric , cupcake bakeries or cupcakearies and cupcake wars , the world must love cupcakes , and wile i don't know anyone who can't smile or even give a little giggle when they have a cupcake in there hands .  I made them out of polymer clay , getting the bottoms right was kinda hard i wanted them to look like real cupcakes , not little round bottoms that just had lines on them , cupcakes have a little bit of a slant to them so getting that was kinda tricky but that's what i love about polymer clay , you can mess up , and smoosh it and start over again , so after some playing and some smooshing i got it the right shape , then i took some of the color i was using for the "frosting" and make a little cone and places it upside down on the top or else i would have had to make the coils of "frosting" very thick and it wouldn't have looked so pretty , At first i was going to just make them all one color however I thought if you go to a bakery , they don't just have one type or color , so i just went crazy with my colors but i also tryed to keep them in the shades you'd see in a real cupcake , and then i brushed the "cake" part with bronze colored pearl FX powder ( I LOVE that stuff) and it gave it such a pretty sheen , wile the sheen is not what you'd see on a cupcake , well they were not real cupcakes , what woman doesn't love her jewelry to have a little SPARKLE to it !!! so i also put pearl fx powder on the "frosting" yellow on the yellow and a violet pearlzed powder on the pink and purple ones . All in all i believe there just GORGEOUS!!!! I really enjoyed making them and i hope the people who received them loved them as much as i loved making them !!!  

Please check out the whole list of participants blogs to see what they made and there ideas and thought processes of there charms , Wile i haven't posted there work on here , I received 11 adorable charms including one of my own (which my 6yo promptly made me put on a chain and she had claimed it as her own ) my camera is dead and i have had some medical issues so i haven't been able to do anything for the past few weeks so i haven't gotten batteries but you can see the other charms in there blogs 

Also some are being auctioned off please go check that out , all the money will be going to Beads of Courage , it's a wonderful organization and cause , so please go and bid !!!  check out The Auction here! 


 Here is everyone elses blogs please Hop around.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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