Friday, July 27, 2012

Small update

I'm sorry , I've been so busy with getting everything straightened out at home I've been online like once  a hour in a week ... I'm very sorry to people who do Read this ... that I've slacked off , and I'm sorry to everyone who commented about doing a swap I WILL GET TO THAT .. i swear because I'm very excited to host one of my own , I've just had some issues at home i had to get taken care of , I hope you guys can understand .. i do have very awesome things to show you ... My bead soup , my lovely finds at the local stores and a lovely GIFT a new friend got me !...
I will post something longer and much more interesting very soon ..
Thank you

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Art bead Love Tour ! & My Own first ever monthly swap !!!

The Art Bead Love Tour .......

It sounds like a Rock band doesn't it .... YEAAA I'm going to the ART BEAD LOVE TOUR .... Fallowing the bead band around the USA !!!! YEAH !!! ROCK ON ...
But No ... it is a wonderful way of sharing our lovingly collected art beads , have some , make some , as long as there quality , then  you can have a chance to play !
I'm Blogging bout it to hopefully win and have a chance to get my hands on the beads to share beads I've collected and made , with the world , wile getting some handcrafted beads of my own !!!

Right now our lovely Lori at pretty things has it and is running a contest to have someone picked to get the beads and if i were to win i would post the details and the beautiful chain would be on it's way ....

    Now for My new feature,My monthly swap
     i hope it will be monthly , I will see how this goes ,if all goes well everyone has fun I will post a new swap with a theme monthly , also please shoot ideas for swaps my way I'd LOVE to hear them

Other then that I figure now is a good a time as any to Start posting my monthly swap Ideas ,
 This month ... Art beads, handmade beads , pendents etc ... Do you have some , do you wish you could be part of the Art Bead Love tour , but arnt sure you'll make it but would really like to swap art beads with some other artists or collectors ...
WELL .. you've come to the right place , I'm looking for a even # of people to sign up 4, 8, 10 , etc I'm posting this on my Fb groups , come on and comment on here , saying you'd like to participate in
the HANDMADE BEAD SWAP and leave your Email , I will get back to you with a few easy peasy questions , ... Please re post and refer this to anyone you know who may be interested , I'm not to picky about dates , just please if your not really sure of your skills in handmade beads/pendents , please dig into your stash or perhaps see whats going on on , or ... My idea of art beads do not have to be super handmade just left the artist hands , unless its you making them yourself ... but something that is metal blanks , Ceramics , polymer clay , lamp work ..... any questions , please feel free to leave your email in a comment and i will be emailing you and you'll have my list of questions and you will be able to personally chat with me ... It's a win win .... we all will get to celebrate art beads in our own way .... so come on everyone sign up !!!! Swap ... Who doesn't love Swapping !!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Another wonderfull Bead give away, to keep you busy wile I try to get my Bead soup up , i want to do the beads i was given A lovely posting and i have to wait till my daughter is in bed !!!

I will be posting about my lovely bead soup i received very soon my daughter is being very bothersome today lol ... but i ran across this and i thought it was wonderfully lovely and generous !!


<a href=""><img title="Click here for more info"; alt="Free Beads for Blogging. Contact:"; src=""></a>

She has a lovely Etsy page at this .........   
I love allot of the items she has to offer ... the brass filigrees she has are gorgeous !
And i Adore the colors on this piece   sooooo pretty !!!!
I would love to play with some of her beads ... I love joining up with beaders to trade, gift and design things , you never know what other people are good at until you give them some beads and ask them to do something ... I guess you could say ... Give a woman to a necklace and she'll look fancy for a day... Give her some beads and findings , teach her to make jewelry and she'll hug u jump up and down , and be able to make all types of pretty things !!! lol and be fancy for life !!!

I have my fingers crossed to possibly win some beady goodies !!!
wish me luck !!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 HIS GLORY CREATIOS BY CJ~ has a wonderfull little give a way happening!

As you can plainly see I have a lot of stash.  Mo...
: As you can plainly see I have a lot of stash.  More than I will ever need in my lifetime, so bloggers invite your beady friends to check...

So everyone hop on over and take a chanch ... see if you can win some pretties ...( and maybe share in with the wonderfull girl that directed you to the give away ) :)   !!!!