Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Bead Lottery ....... from our wonderfull Lori


A lottery to be able to buy a beautiful  focal bead is being hosted by our lovely Lori Anderson at www.prettythingsblog.com  and the focal is made by a wonderful extreamly tallented artist ..Lea Avroch  who makes gorgeous lamp work beads ....  ohhhh the healthy jealousy and envy is in my eyes ... making my brown eyes green because ohhhh do I EVER want to try lamp work/glass working to make beads & may i JUST add that if ANYONE , anyone at all , would Like to give a gift to a sweet , SAHM who has had a rough year , A lamp work kit would be AMAZING .... and i would be FOREVER GRATEFUL ... you can find a basic kit here http://www.amazon.com/Fireworks-FW632-Beginners-Beadmaking-Kit/dp/B000C11SD0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1338316478&sr=8-9   ....... and I'd make you as many beads as you could ever want ... even turn them into jewerly for you ... !!!! Forever !!!! !! ..... Got  everything crossed that maybe I'll be picked to join in on the fun !!!! .... (also to be gifted that awesome lamp work bead kit ......Hey a girl can Dream can't she !!!!)...lol .....

in other news , my Alice in wonderland piece is ALMOST done , a little more finishing touches to put on the components and then to put it all together which i already know exactly how i want it to go !!! and I'm SOOOOOOO excited to show it to you all ... and to show you the work that went into it and the little components that went together to go in it !! i'm soooo Excited about it , I hope it's something that makes people go .. WoW! and that it's all me , and well even tho it's not put all together yet ,I already LOVE IT !! so that's what counts most !!

well i shall post something soon !!!
blessings ..

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Very first Challange!!!! SO EXCITED

I Got a Chance to enter my very first beading challenge I'm so very very excited , It's a theme challenge , ... Our theme is Alice in Wonderland , and that's so exciting , the fact that I was almost Named Alice , and that I went as Alice to my first real Adult Halloween party .... So it give me lots of cool Images in my head , now the movie & story i admit was not my fave as a kid .... I believe it was a LITTLE to strange for me , all the growing and shrinking , and the strange people and the odd images , but I do love the colors and the objects that make up the details of the story and that's what I'm going to focus on been sketching and brain storming what i want to put into it , I hope that it comes out good , **fingers crossed ** that i come out with something fun , and hopefully something that is wearable , and is interesting to everyone else , 
Anyone going to wonderland ????
(not your typical Alice look , however ... I think I looked pretty dang cute , I even had a black ribbon in my hair )

To anyone interested that's happening to be reading this , that's the link to the page of the challenge and maybe you can join in on the fun ... !! 


Thing's i've worked on recently .....

  A few New things , .....

This is a Ring I made The other day , I wasent really , "thinking" when i made it , I was playing with some new craft wire ,and my new ring mandrel , and dug thu my buttons , and found some cute tiger eye 4mm beads , and subcounsouly came up with this , I think It's cute , I do where it often , it's not HUGE so I dont bump it often but it's fun , and funky , and the funny thing was I had not really seen how to make a ring with wire i just figured it out on my own and i'm pretty dang proud .... Tell me what you think , I'd love some feed back , ( and notice my date on my camera , ... no it's not a photo from the future , i just can't figure out how to change my date ... so apprently .. my pictures are from 15 years into the future ..lol ....

My Knitted wrist cuff , and my handmade felt rosett , with a little green sparkly rick rack as a leaf..!

I also Make other types of things besides jewerly , and beads ...This is my little wirst cuff , it's made from purple sparkle yarn , (I forget the brand ) and a cute little roset; in hot pink , and a green sprakley rick~rac ribbon for a leaf, and because I thought it needed just a little bit of another color so i wove a bit of blue ribbon on the top , i was gonna do the bottom , but i think my littlegirl interrupted me and it got set aside and never finshed it ... oh well , i still think it's really pretty , My friend accrauly asked me to make her a black cuff with a red rose on it the other day , so when i get it done i'll post it ...

My Spring love necklass.......

           I had the leaf pendent WAY WAY before i got into beading , they were on Orential Trading co. online there were 4 of them for 1.00 i think on clearance and i just thought "oh thoes are pretty , got them , admired them and they sat for years , ... Untill the wonderfull SNOW STORM that hit us in October , My kid had no Halloween this past year because of it , we had about a foot and a half , we lost power for a week and a half and had to relocate to my Mother in laws house , and i packed a huge storage bin with beads and stuff along with a rolling suitcase ... and this was something that came out of it was great , looking at all the snow, and making something beautfull and spring like ...
 I love the colors , the light blue , drk purple , green and then the light pink flower 3~D beads

So tell me what you think , comments , suggestions , like , dislike , Id love some feedback ..
As always , Thank you for reading , happy beading & crafting .....
Linda .........

Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Blog post ... Yaaayyy !!!

Hi Everyone ,                                            
Well this is my first blog post , And I'm pretty Excited , I thought I'd just let everyone know I'm here ,
I'm very interested in doing Trades, I've been seeing other bloggers talking about them , were ever one signs up and then your paired with another blogger or crafter and you exchange a kit of what ever product is featured Beads, buttons etc and everyone makes something with the products they received , It's something I'd LOVE to get into , I've been diagnosed with RA and I can't get out as much as I use to and I would love to take part in a swap , or if anyone is interested in starting one with me please let me know , I'm new at this but I'm excited about trying it all out !!
I also have a Store on ETSY which i will be REOPENING very soon , I'll be offering custom designed earrings,necklaces bracelets , pre~made jewelry , knitted items , painted wood jewelry and house wheres , as well as hand made beads made from polymer clay, Fabric and paper , as well as working on De stashing some of my supplies , Next post i ill be adding the link to it and i hope you ll check it out !
I Want to have at least a daily posting , even if it's about past crafts , or just my fave new website , or something i saw that inspired me . I also want to have one day a week or month to post a fun kids craft , I have a 6yo , and I'm also looking for crafts and doing crafts with her ! Well for now I'm on to working on something CRAFTY , It might be needle felting , I may be making some fun paper beads , or searching Etsy for some ideas of what I'd like to try next !
Got any crafts you love ? know of any cool sites , cool projects , want to start a crafting circle , a jewelry trade, a button trade, maybe yarn , scrap booking or needle felting is more you style , Lets chat , I'm also excited to talk to fellow crafter's , I'd love to even do some swapping of supplies , if u need some scrapbook paper , and you have some polymer clay and want to swap , I'd be so excited , I'm into bartering and swapping , we need to be less monetary , and more help-full to each other , exp in the crafting world , where i think all of us crafter's tend to stock pile , i think we are all of the same mind , and i know i personally would LOVE to help others out giving them things that i needed/wanted exp when we can work out something that is beneficial and Fun for all of us !!
Many Blessings and much crafting , and inspiration