Friday, September 28, 2012


The AMAZING Jennifer , of Jenniferjangles  is giving away an AMAZING collection of holiday and other items ... it's a AMAZING collection , Go enter for a chance to win ... she has such amazing stuff , and shes such a wonderful artist , I wish i could spend the day with her and create with her ... so if you sign up and you win , Pretty please share a little something with the gal that sent you there :)

   Side note .... I'm sorry I've been lacking in postings , My grandmother passed a few weeks ago , and then a yucky tummy bug went thu my family , it seemed to go on forever !!! and then when that cleared up my best friend's mother in law was very sick and I was asked to take care of her 2 month old baby ... my little niece Harley Quinn ... OHHH How i ADORE here !!!!! shes in the smiley phase and soooo alert , holding her head up and she cooooos and babbles to me and it's the SWEETEST thing ever !!! and it's made some of the bad days , tolerable because i knew I'd have the sweet baby a few days later and it was so nice ...
but i shall be up and blogging soon ,

I have the holiday bling blog hop , to chat about (i was sick and everything happened so quickly my items are a little late being sent to my partner , i feel awful for that )

Also I have the Beads of Courage art bead charm swap ... everyone makes 11 art bead charms , send them to our host , and we get 11 beads back , some go to be auctioned off to be sold for Beads of Courage which is for kids in the hospital ... it's a great cause ... so I'll be back soon and be posting more !!
Thanks for your understanding and please enter her giveaway ... and remember me please

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