Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall my time for Rebirth ...

A new year fall , a new time ,

To me fall has always been  a time for rebirth , something about the colors being so beautiful or the weather being crisp , or Halloween and getting to play come as  you aren't night or something ,
But right now I'm trying to start fresh , in a few ways , I'm trying to get myself to start fresh , not dwell on past mistakes and enjoy life a bit more , personal things have been exhausting lately , My Father has been very sick he has brain cancer and had brain surgery in the spring , he's getting better but it's still very scary , and my daughter had to repeat first grade , which is fine , she needed some help and I rather her do it now then have the schools pass her and her not learn anything . So that's just personal stuff ,

On to Other things

I truly love doing my crafts , but my muse has left me hopefully it will come back , I've just been talking with some people in local places to try to get some of my stuff in there for sale , **fingers crossed ** ... Also I'm hoping to get some more swapping in , I've got a box here waiting to send out *waiting for my check to come lol * ... I also just did a paper bead swap , once I can get photos from my phone onto here I'll do that .. I also hope to Blog more I find writing soothing and therapeutic ,

Well anyone who's reading, thank you for doing so , I hope you will continue because your reading and comments help me keep writing ,

What's coming up for the next few months ,

 1. A Art charm swap , like I did last year , with a auction .... This years Theme is LOVE ! ... who can't be excited about making a charm that has something to do with LOVE !! ... More about this to fallow

2. In October for Breast cancer awareness month , (which my sister in law had as well as my husbands auntie did ) I shall be going PINK , and Bleach my hair and dye it pink .. its something I've really really wanted to do for awhile now , and I think doing it because of something is a great thing , perhaps I could try to arrange a small swap or something to do with PINK items !!

3. I will be making my daughters costume for Halloween she wants to be a princess wolf not sure how were going to put a Tutu , a crown that she's asking for onto a wolf but we shall try !!!

4 I also want to blog and create more , I know I'll never be some famous blogger but I'd like to make some people read , give tutorial's on something's , cute ideas , etc. ... so keep reading , It's going to be a exciting Rebirth of me , and I'm happy about it !!

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  1. WOOH! What fun to open my blog roll this morning and see you posting, Linda! It's rough jumping in after such a long hiatus, I bet. Believe me, when things are rocky is when I NEED my little blog to keep my focus on my creativity. I am happy to read things are improving for your Dad, but it is slow going, I'm sure!

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog more regularly. That Charm Swap is going to be amazing, just like last year... I have so many ideas, but I think I have narrowed it down now.

    Hope you will post pics of your pink hair and your sweetie's Hallowe'en costume, too!