Friday, June 15, 2012

Signed up for the Bead soup Blog party

I Signed up for the Bead soup blog party and I'm hoping to god i did it right because I'm SO SO SO SO excited .... I LOVE What The last Question was ..... THAT WAS GREAT !!!! ... I wont ruin it for anyone who hasn't signed up yet , .... I wish i Had been able to ship over seas but I'm scared I'd mess something up horribly and my poor partner wouldn't get there gift ...

Anyway Fingers crossed for some FUN new beads and bobbles to play with .. I'm sooo excited .... I really hope i do my swap partner proud by what i pick out for them and make for them , I plan on doing something Fun and pretty , a touch of whimsy .. and if your my swap partner reading this (cuz I'm not sure many ppl if any do) ... I'm glad to meet you and i hope you like pretty , fun and Whimsical lol

Also to anyone else reading ,... I'd love to plan my own swap/hop ... but i want to do a theme.... possibly a color , but I'm thinking it should be a Handmade elemental challenge ... that you can make any one , or any combo of the fallowng a pendent and at least 6 beads and/or 2 or 3 more decorative beads ... But they have to be Hand made By you .... out of something that you use normally , or ou can to try something new ...( Polymer clay , Glass, ceramic , epoxy , paper , felt , fabric ).... and must be based on one of the elements .. Air , Fire , Water , Earth ... I think it could be a VERY fun swap ...I'll call it the ... Living in , or out , or you element .... swap, create and hop !!  well I'm in .. even if i have to swap with myself .... Anyone else interested ???? if i get SOME feed back I'll set it up .. After Lori's bead soup of course .... at least start the sign up's mid July ... because that's the first wave of her show and Tell's ........And if all goes well I'd love to have a swap every other month ... I can't have them be to big every other month but it will be something to keep people who can and want to keep up with challenges be able to ...also keep people on there toes and keep people creating .,... So if your interested .. comment , message me .. or Email ... So let me know


  1. Me to Lori .. and again , I thank you so much for starting such aawesome project ... and i fully plan on starting my own , since i saw your only going to host one a year i figure they may be some people who want to do it more often ..I know it wont get as big as yours but i'm hopeing i do a good job !