Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Life has been like a country song latey !!!

I feel as if my life has been like a country song lately ,
I was sick , then my daughter was sick , my car broke down , my cat died , and a few other crazy annoying thing .... I was unable to make the piece for the wonderful Alice challenge ... my daughter was sick and during the illness ... she stepped on a key piece of the design .... and well she is a tiny six year old but apparently not for stone clay , smashed it to smitherinees !!.... and it was a Adorable piece too ... maybe I'll try to reforge it and see what happens , but I've been asked to make 4 more costume pieces so that's keeping me busy , as well as a Swap entitled "what summer means to me " I get to make a fun piece for my swap partner .. and all that must be done this week !!! EEEEK!! , also I sign up for the AWESOME Lori Anderson's 6th Bead soup Blog Party !!! Sign up is tomorrow ... 

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Also my very best friend is getting married on the 23rd and I'm the maid of honor ... i have yet to write the speech , but i have the Dress , the shoes , my hair will be done that day , and my nails the day or two before .... then the rehearsal dinner the night before ... it's exciting i have not been in a wedding since 2001 ... I'm so very excited .... well I'm off to try to brain storm , while making myself food ! brainstorming about either , bead soup , my 4 costume pieces , my speech or my Summer swap ... and then on top of ALL of it ... My 6 yo graduated Kinder garden this week today was her first full day off !!! ... and god help me I'M NOT READY  !!!! it sounds to mean i know .. but my whole secdual as to my normal day is no longer normal and I'm confused just  bit I'm trying to work on something and then bam my 6yo is buggen me !!!

Well hope everyone great , and wish everyone who's going to work on the Bead soup party Good luck !!!

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