Monday, July 9, 2012

Another wonderfull Bead give away, to keep you busy wile I try to get my Bead soup up , i want to do the beads i was given A lovely posting and i have to wait till my daughter is in bed !!!

I will be posting about my lovely bead soup i received very soon my daughter is being very bothersome today lol ... but i ran across this and i thought it was wonderfully lovely and generous !!


<a href=""><img title="Click here for more info"; alt="Free Beads for Blogging. Contact:"; src=""></a>

She has a lovely Etsy page at this .........   
I love allot of the items she has to offer ... the brass filigrees she has are gorgeous !
And i Adore the colors on this piece   sooooo pretty !!!!
I would love to play with some of her beads ... I love joining up with beaders to trade, gift and design things , you never know what other people are good at until you give them some beads and ask them to do something ... I guess you could say ... Give a woman to a necklace and she'll look fancy for a day... Give her some beads and findings , teach her to make jewelry and she'll hug u jump up and down , and be able to make all types of pretty things !!! lol and be fancy for life !!!

I have my fingers crossed to possibly win some beady goodies !!!
wish me luck !!!!


  1. hey there Lass
    Send me a posting address please.
    I will ship after all reply or Friday if I dont hear back from all by then.Have to give time for replies
    Also i will pull a pic from your blog to feature you.If you want something special there instead please email it to me.
    I redid the code.Its a button for your sidebar now.Maybe that will work better.

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