Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Art bead Love Tour ! & My Own first ever monthly swap !!!

The Art Bead Love Tour .......

It sounds like a Rock band doesn't it .... YEAAA I'm going to the ART BEAD LOVE TOUR .... Fallowing the bead band around the USA !!!! YEAH !!! ROCK ON ...
But No ... it is a wonderful way of sharing our lovingly collected art beads , have some , make some , as long as there quality , then  you can have a chance to play !
I'm Blogging bout it to hopefully win and have a chance to get my hands on the beads to share beads I've collected and made , with the world , wile getting some handcrafted beads of my own !!!

Right now our lovely Lori at pretty things has it and is running a contest to have someone picked to get the beads and if i were to win i would post the details and the beautiful chain would be on it's way ....

    Now for My new feature,My monthly swap
     i hope it will be monthly , I will see how this goes ,if all goes well everyone has fun I will post a new swap with a theme monthly , also please shoot ideas for swaps my way I'd LOVE to hear them

Other then that I figure now is a good a time as any to Start posting my monthly swap Ideas ,
 This month ... Art beads, handmade beads , pendents etc ... Do you have some , do you wish you could be part of the Art Bead Love tour , but arnt sure you'll make it but would really like to swap art beads with some other artists or collectors ...
WELL .. you've come to the right place , I'm looking for a even # of people to sign up 4, 8, 10 , etc I'm posting this on my Fb groups , come on and comment on here , saying you'd like to participate in
the HANDMADE BEAD SWAP and leave your Email , I will get back to you with a few easy peasy questions , ... Please re post and refer this to anyone you know who may be interested , I'm not to picky about dates , just please if your not really sure of your skills in handmade beads/pendents , please dig into your stash or perhaps see whats going on on , or ... My idea of art beads do not have to be super handmade just left the artist hands , unless its you making them yourself ... but something that is metal blanks , Ceramics , polymer clay , lamp work ..... any questions , please feel free to leave your email in a comment and i will be emailing you and you'll have my list of questions and you will be able to personally chat with me ... It's a win win .... we all will get to celebrate art beads in our own way .... so come on everyone sign up !!!! Swap ... Who doesn't love Swapping !!!!


  1. Neat lass.I am sure I cam make something.Let me know.Tanya

  2. If you're open to international swappers, I'd love to play! :) email me at

  3. OK, Love swapping! email at

  4. I would love to play.........I know some cool bead artists!!!!

  5. ok 4 well 5 counting me ... so if i can get at least 5 more ppl to commit I will send out a detailed message with rules , details , and a few questions :) Orrr we could wait one more week , and if no one else signs up but EVERYONE is up to it and WANTS to , it could be REALLY cool if we just each sent the other 4 participants there are 5 of us but i say four because you wouldn't be sending anything to yourself , but everyone could send something to the other ppl in the swap ... since it's such a small # of people , so you'd each get 4 packages from 4 different ppl from 4 different places it could be fun I know I'd love it , since I'm not sure that the blog has many ppl looking so it might be fun because it's small ... and it wouldn't be TO hard ... it makes me think of those chain letters as a kid , you send a letter to 5 ppl and they send each send a letter to 5 ppl and you end up getting like 10 letters back . i never saw the point of them however , I DO with beads !!!! :)
    so my darlings , let me know what you think either with a email ... or comment .. My Email is also anyone new looking at this if your intrested i'm not cutting off the swap , just seeing if anyone would be intrestd in something diffrent . i think my cut off date for commenting and/or emailing me is August 22ed , then i'll be sending out a email by monday the 23ed with details , info , rules etc....

  6. I would like to join in, I'm in the UK. :)