Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Blog post ... Yaaayyy !!!

Hi Everyone ,                                            
Well this is my first blog post , And I'm pretty Excited , I thought I'd just let everyone know I'm here ,
I'm very interested in doing Trades, I've been seeing other bloggers talking about them , were ever one signs up and then your paired with another blogger or crafter and you exchange a kit of what ever product is featured Beads, buttons etc and everyone makes something with the products they received , It's something I'd LOVE to get into , I've been diagnosed with RA and I can't get out as much as I use to and I would love to take part in a swap , or if anyone is interested in starting one with me please let me know , I'm new at this but I'm excited about trying it all out !!
I also have a Store on ETSY which i will be REOPENING very soon , I'll be offering custom designed earrings,necklaces bracelets , pre~made jewelry , knitted items , painted wood jewelry and house wheres , as well as hand made beads made from polymer clay, Fabric and paper , as well as working on De stashing some of my supplies , Next post i ill be adding the link to it and i hope you ll check it out !
I Want to have at least a daily posting , even if it's about past crafts , or just my fave new website , or something i saw that inspired me . I also want to have one day a week or month to post a fun kids craft , I have a 6yo , and I'm also looking for crafts and doing crafts with her ! Well for now I'm on to working on something CRAFTY , It might be needle felting , I may be making some fun paper beads , or searching Etsy for some ideas of what I'd like to try next !
Got any crafts you love ? know of any cool sites , cool projects , want to start a crafting circle , a jewelry trade, a button trade, maybe yarn , scrap booking or needle felting is more you style , Lets chat , I'm also excited to talk to fellow crafter's , I'd love to even do some swapping of supplies , if u need some scrapbook paper , and you have some polymer clay and want to swap , I'd be so excited , I'm into bartering and swapping , we need to be less monetary , and more help-full to each other , exp in the crafting world , where i think all of us crafter's tend to stock pile , i think we are all of the same mind , and i know i personally would LOVE to help others out giving them things that i needed/wanted exp when we can work out something that is beneficial and Fun for all of us !!
Many Blessings and much crafting , and inspiration


  1. pS, you said you were having trouble with the Bead Soup Blog Party button -- email me and I'll help you get it posted if you want!