Monday, May 21, 2012

My Very first Challange!!!! SO EXCITED

I Got a Chance to enter my very first beading challenge I'm so very very excited , It's a theme challenge , ... Our theme is Alice in Wonderland , and that's so exciting , the fact that I was almost Named Alice , and that I went as Alice to my first real Adult Halloween party .... So it give me lots of cool Images in my head , now the movie & story i admit was not my fave as a kid .... I believe it was a LITTLE to strange for me , all the growing and shrinking , and the strange people and the odd images , but I do love the colors and the objects that make up the details of the story and that's what I'm going to focus on been sketching and brain storming what i want to put into it , I hope that it comes out good , **fingers crossed ** that i come out with something fun , and hopefully something that is wearable , and is interesting to everyone else , 
Anyone going to wonderland ????
(not your typical Alice look , however ... I think I looked pretty dang cute , I even had a black ribbon in my hair )

To anyone interested that's happening to be reading this , that's the link to the page of the challenge and maybe you can join in on the fun ... !!


  1. Thant is adorable!!!!So happy you are joining this hop!

    1. So am I'm almost done ,I've had so much going on , I sold 3 peices that were special orderd , then the buyer orderd 2 more peices , I have this hop , wich i have to put the finishing touches on it and put it all together .. (wich is the FUN part ) then i have to knit 2 blankets for baby gifts .. wich i must buy the yarn for . and i was DELIGHTED to find out that a craft store around me has 3 skines for 10$ and another store has a 20% off everything even sale prices coupon and they all take eachtohers coupons .. so i have to do that ... and to top it off . i'm the maid of hounor at my very best friends wedding who's shower was yesterday and her wedding is in a few weeks and that same week my other best friend is due to have her first baby ... and gosh shes got the most ADORABAL baby bump .. I would SWEAR that shes smuggling a basketball around , and she let me try to feel her baby kick .. and no amout of pokeing and talking and rubbing would make my hounary neice move !!!! i was quite upset about that ... but its the most adorabal baby bump ever ... compaired to my GIGANO dough ball belly when i was pg ..... but yes back to the hop ... i'm soooo excited and i should be able to post things asap